Boxing 101: Beginners Boxing Course

Want the perfect way to start your Boxing training with us?

Learn the fundamental skills and gain the base fitness to move into our General Boxing Classes in our Boxing 101 Course.

The Beginner Boxing Courses are comprised of 6 one hour sessions, conducted twice weekly over 3 weeks. The course will cover all the fundamentals needed to move onto our General Boxing Classes.

  • How to Wrap your hands and make a fist for safe training
  • Skipping Rope and Basic Warm Up Drills
  • Boxing Stance, Guard, Breathing, and Footwork
  • Straight Punches, Hook and Uppercuts
  • Basic Defence
  • Use of Equipment: Pads and Bags
  • Essential Conditioning Exercises
  • Develop your general fitness levels as well as a base level of Boxing specific fitness

Course Cost: $145 or together with a 3 Month Unlimited Boxing Membership (Normal Cost: $390): $445


Session Times:

Tuesday/Thursday 7 PM to 8 PM


1. Do I need to be fit to start?

Absolutely not! Whilst a general level of fitness is helpful, like all sports Boxing has its own specific fitness demands that you will develop through participation in the classes.

2. Do I need to bring a friend or training partner with me?

Whilst it is always easier to start with a friend and enjoyable to have a friend in the class, it is essential that you learn to work with a variety of people. In the Beginner Boxing Courses, the majority of the work is performed individually and partner work makes up a small part of your training.

Besides, it’s always good to meet and work with new people.

3. Do I have to spar/is there contact?

Sparring is basically live training/simulated fighting. A small percentage of our students participate in this after training regularly for a few months. It is completely optional and conducted in a dedicated class using protective equipment.

In the Beginner Boxing Courses, there is absolutely no Sparring. The basic defence drills will require partner work but contact is minimal and extremely light.

4. Can I enrol in a Beginner Boxing Course more than once?

Absolutely! our goal is to make sure that not only you have the skills and fitness to move on, but also the confidence. If you will that you are not ready to move on, we encourage you to discuss your concerns with your trainer first!


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