At William Street Gym, our Boxing Classes are run on two basic principles of Correct Technique and Progression.

Not every person who walks through our doors has Amateur or Professional Fighting as a goal, in fact the majority of our members come to us to get in amazing shape whilst learning and developing safe and correct boxing technique. So wether you are in fact wanting to fight some day or just simply recognise the awesome benefits of Boxing training for general fitness and improved body composition, our Boxing Classes strike the perfect balance.


Correct Technique for Safer and More Effective Training

To fully benefit from the vast fitness benefits of Boxing, it is essential that you train correctly in a structured session with the use of the right equipment.

Like all sports, the Boxing training program has evolved over decades to maximise the benefits of the time spent in the gym, preparing the boxer for the rigours of one of the most physically demanding sports today.

Correct training safeguards against injuries, allows for progression to more difficult and interesting drills and helps to keep the mind engaged on the task at hand.

The added bonus is that, if like some of our other students you decide to give sparring or competition a go, you have the correct foundation to do so. Remember Boxers don’t get into peak condition by doing “cardio combat” or “boxercise”, they get there by doing actual Boxing training. You can enjoy the same benefits without ever having to jump into the ring for contact sparring or an actual fight.

Typical Structure of WSG Boxing Classes

Whilst we constantly vary the technique and drill focus of our classes, some core elements remain consistent, these include:

  • Warm Up: Skipping/Jogging/Body Weight Exercises.
  • Shadow Boxing: Guided or Freestyle to learn and refine your skills.
  • Partner Work: (Not Sparring) to learn defense, distancing and footwork.
  • Pad Work: Develop offensive and defensive skills.
  • Bag Work: Use of Punch Bags, Speed Bag and Floor to Ceiling Bag.
  • Conditioning


How To Start

If you are new to our gym, we recommend you start with our 30-Day Trial which gives you access to 20 Boxing Classes per week and gives you a chance to experience a variety of session styles. You can book your 30-Day Pass by clicking below.

For those new, to Boxing, our Boxing 101 courses are an ideal way to introduce the absolute novice to Boxing training. You can check out more information at the dedicated page Read More


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