Martial Arts For Kids – Kids Muay Thai

William Street Gym Kids Muay Thai program is a structured program for 5 to 10 years olds. Our weekly 45 minute classes are designed to not only progressively teach your children the skills of Muay Thai but to develop their general fitness and co-ordination as well as their discipline and focus.

Whilst Muay Thai traditionally does not have a grading system, juniors are often put through a syllabus with grading to help structure their training and give them realistic achievable goals to help them commit to their training and reap the benefits of their efforts.

Classes involve a thorough warm up, focused on injury prevention and the development of general movements and fitness. Repetition of basic skills and drills comprises the bulk of the training session, concluding with a cool down and general exercises.

Course Cost: $145 Per Term


  • Your child can be enrolled in the Tuesday or Wednesday afternoon Kids Muay Thai program.
  • Classes run along school terms.
  • We offer a free trial.
  • Equipment required: Gloves and Hand Wraps (they can be borrowed from the gym initially).
  • Classes capped at 12 Students.



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